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 PVP Rules of Engagment

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PostSubject: PVP Rules of Engagment   PVP Rules of Engagment I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 7:43 pm

PvP Rules of Engagement:

1.) PvP is to be the result of RP unless there is a duel in the arena.

2.) Immediately Hostile anyone with whom you are about to engage.

3.) The intended target is to be given the option OOC (through tells) to Engage, or Run Away. Unless the combatants belong to opposing factions.
3a.) Update: Assassins no longer need to give warnings to there intended victems. They only need to set hostil before they move in for the kill.

4.)You cannot use "Taunt" to provoke the first attack.
if you "Taunt" another player it is to be considered an attack.
4a.) Update:Kenders are exempt from this rule.

5.) Durning PVP if You die, you are dead. Do not talk OOC/IC.

6.) Do not respawn and re-engage in combat. Return with your weapon unequiped and make it clear you are strictly an observer. You may witness the RP but
for all intents and purposes, You are dead until your "slayer" is dead and you are ressed by a comrade, or your slayer leaves the area.

7.) Do not re-engage said observer.

8.) Do not log-out to avoid dying and having to respawn. If someone resses You, and it is stated as OOC, You are effectively dead. Un-equip your weapon, and observe, or leave the area. If an ally raises you, You may re-engage in RP/PvP.

9.) There is -no- limit on KD & Disarm. Invest in some Discipline & Strength if you don't like it.

10.) If someone dis-arms you and keeps your weapon, tough. RP getting it back, pay a rouge to pp'it back, pay someone to steal -their- weapon.

11.) Players may state their own rules for duels so long as they obey the above stated, but I would reccommend the participants take a screen shot so there is no mis-understandings later.

Do not whine to DMs b/c you lost a PvP duel unless the above stated rules have been broken, then bring them a Screen Shot.

PVP Rules of Engagment Web_si10
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PVP Rules of Engagment
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