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 Current Subraces Available

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PostSubject: Current Subraces Available   Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:45 pm

This is the List of Subraces Currently runing and their requirements:

Half-Elf Subrace - Good Draconians
Vapor (Draconian,Vapor) Alignment: Any Good
Lightning Draconian Alignment Any: Good
Flame (Draconian,Flame) Alignment: Any Good
Venom Draconian Alignment: Any Good
Frost (Draconian,Frost) Alignment: Any Good

Half-Elf Subrace - Evil Draconians
Aurak (Draconian,Aurak) Alignment: Any Evil
Sivak (Draconian,Sivak) Alignment: Any Evil
Bozak (Draconian,Bozak) Alignment: Any Evil
Kapak (Draconian,Kapak) Alignment: Any Evil
Baaz (Draconian,Baaz) Alignment: Any Evil

Halfling Subraces
Kender (Kender)
Goblin (Goblin) Alignment: Any
Pixie (Pixie) Alignment: Any Neutral (Female Only)
Class Restrictions: Bard, Rogue, Sorceror, Wizard ONLY

Half-Orc Subraces
Ogre (Ogre) Alignment: Any-Evil
Minotaur (Minotaur) Alignment: Any Lawful
Half-Ogre (Half-Ogre) Alignment: Any

Human Subraces
Gnoll (Gnoll) Alignment: Any

Animal (Black Panther, Griffon, Brown Monkey, Carniverous Ape, Eagle, Legendary Bear, Legendary Wolf, White Tiger)
Alignment: Any Neutral
Class Restrictions: Fighter/Rogue/Shadow Dancer/Barbarian ONLY

Nymph (Nymph)
Alignment: Any Evil (Female Only)

Gnome Subraces
Minoi (Tinker-Gnome) Alignment: Any
Gnomoi (Mad-Gnome) Alignment: Any

Elven Subraces
Kagonesti (Kagonesti-Elf) Alignment: Any
Qualinesti (Qualinesti-Elf) Alignment: Any
Silvanesti (Silvanesti-Elf) Alignment: Any
Dargonesti (Dargonesti-Elf) NOT YET IMPLIMENTED
Dimernesti (Dimernesti-Elf) NOT YET IMPLIMENTED
Dryad / Alignment: Any Good (Female Only)

Dwarven Subraces
Daegar (Dewar-Dwarf) Alignment: Any Evil.
Hylar (Mountain-Dwarf) Alignment: Any
Neidar (Hill-Dwarf) Alignment: Any
Aghar (Gully-Dwarf) Alignment: Any

The Dragon Custom Subrace, please see forums about info.
The Death Knight Custom Subrace, please see forum for more info.
Lichs & Undead Custom Subraces, please see forum for info.
The Vampire Custom Subrace, please see forum for info.

In order to recieve your custom skins at certain levels you will be told when to Re-log
in order for your new skin and its properties to be added.
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Current Subraces Available
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