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Krynn's Time of Dragons is a Neverwinter Nights Free Multi-player RPG.
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 A Brief History about us.

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PostSubject: A Brief History about us.   Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:48 pm

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Krynn's Time of Dragons
Is set within the Fourth Age of Despair on the Continent of Ansalon.
The World of Krynn is based upon the Dragonlance Series.

Krynn's Time of Dragons

Is a Dedicated 24/7 Role Play Server for Neverwinter Nights

Welcome to the fastest growing Neverwinter Nights RP player world.
Enter with us into the fourth Age of Despair.
Build custom characters and play on-line with up to 60 players or more.

The module is based not entirely but mostly upon the Dragonlance Series.
It has Many of the Epic, unique, and the godly / ancient weapons and equipment available. The Module, just recently opened its transitions into all of its lands.
Now having over 2750 areas for exploration Role Play and Character Development.

The Staff and build team are always on hand so problems are dealt with quickly
and promptly. Many custom scripts are in play and Custom appearances are welcome
as long as the player can, Role Play the appearance they choose.

Please visit the rest of our forum,
Sign up to become a valiant Knight of Solomnia or Thakisis.
IF the knightly path isn't your forte' then sign up to become a follower of the
Tower of Wayreth, or Maybe even roam the land as a kender. The choice is yours!
With DM hosted Quests and our DM Token system
all players are capable of having custom buildt equipment and areas!!

Recently we've added a bigger / modified sub-race system the Jasp A.I. system
plus much more form the Bioware vault.

We are currently in the process of adding even more!!
Updates and picking only the best systems to add.

Although there are already just too many things to list here...
Come Check us out some time soon..... Game On

~KTOD Build Team

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A Brief History about us.
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