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 The Gods of Krynn

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PostSubject: The Gods of Krynn   The Gods of Krynn I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 7:53 pm

The Gods of Krynn

Gods of Good
Branchala: Song of Life
Habbakuk: Fisher King
Kirir-Jolith: Sword of Justice
Majere: Master of Mind
Mishakal: Healing Hand
Paladine: The Dragon's Lord
Solinari: Mighty Hand

Gods of Neutrality
Chislev: The Beast
Gilean: Void
Lunitari: Veiled Maiden
Shinare: Winged Victory
Sirrion: Flowing Flame
Reorx: Forge
Zivilyn: Tree of Life

Gods of Evil
Chemosh: Lord of Death
Hiddukel: Prince of Lies
Morgion: Black Wind
Nuitari: Devouring Dark
Sargonnas: Lord of Volcanos
Takhisis: Queen of Darkness
Zeboim: Darkling Sea
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The Gods of Krynn
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