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 Using Voice Commands in Game

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PostSubject: Using Voice Commands in Game   Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:56 pm

A reference manual for voice commands for players and DMs

There MUST be an NPC, summoned creature, familiar or "voice" within range for these functions to work. Repeated text is ALWAYS ignored (ie in testing hi, hi, hi)

**structure is /dmSPACE **
The SPACE is mandatory. The basic structure is to use the DM channel to "hide" the throwing of your voice. There is NO way to not spam the DM channel.

/dm [your typing here]

will speak your "native" language. If you have more than one, use the language widgets to determine the language you will be speaking.

/dm ; your text here

Your familiar or companion will say your text.

/dm ,your text here

Your summoned creature will say your text.
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Using Voice Commands in Game
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