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 Module: Spells

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PostSubject: Module: Spells   Wed May 06, 2009 5:01 pm

New Spells:

Disguise Self - Allows the caster to take on the appearance of a Human, Elf, Dwarf, Kender, or add +10 to their Disguise skill.
Detect Magic - This cause object around the caster to glow blue for a short time. The duration of this glow imparts the level of magic on an individual, contained in an item, etc.
Floating Disc - This summons a magical disc that is able to carry items for the caster.
Daylight - Creates light that is equivalent to sunlight around the caster.
Shocking Grasp - Deals electric damage to target.
Dancing Lights - Creates light. Has several variations.
Mage Hand - Allows caster to open/close doors/object, and activate levers & switches at a distance.


True Seeing - As per D&D manuals, it reveals the true form of the object being viewed. This spell informs the caster of an objects true appearance, whether they are under the effects of a spell or using a disguise.
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Module: Spells
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