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PostSubject: Game Rules   Game Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 7:23 pm

General Rules

1. Talk in character speech all the time while on server. To converse out of context issues, use private 'tell' or prefix your conversations with a 'ooc//'. OOC means Out of Character. IC means In Character. Players may NOT use OOC information in their (inter)actions with other players/characters. This includes passing items between high and low characters such as a level 15 dropping high armor and re-logging as a level 2 to pick them up. Players are not allowed to respond to "aid calls" if they are not in the area. This behaviour of responding to such calls is also referred to as "walkie-talkie".

2. No form of vulgarities are allowed, except creative usage of Krynn lingo swearing. (eg. Stinking rat of a kender's middle finger!)

3. To curb "Power Leveling" & "Speed Leveling", the XP script has been modified. If there is a gap of more than 10 levels between it's highest and lowest members (Who are in the same area, and gaining xp.) levels, then the mimum possible XP (20) will be awarded per "kill" and no party bonus will be given. A cap has been set for the Maximum possible XP (600), which includes the bonus from being in a party.

4. Player killing is actually quite encouraged here, if used creatively for role play concepts. Assasins should kill by stealth and Knights should fight with honour. Role play accordingly, even extra XP may be awarded for advancing storylines. Abuse the player killing privilege by wantonly killing others for no good reason will result in final deleveling and confiscation of items reviewed on a case basis.

5. Players are only allowed to have -Three- types of Contains to hold things in.

6. Only -Three- Magic Crystals are allowed per player.

7. This module is loosely based on the Dragonlance world setting. It is NOT 100% exact replica of the Dragonlance series, but most of its gaming basics have been largely translated. As there are many factions involved in this setting, (temples, the knights, the mages, etc.) players are encouraged to role play the political tensions arising among the various organizations with varied interests in the affairs of the world. There is limitless fun with whatever players can contrive with storylines and conflicts among each other, adding to the fun of role playing in a world with conflicting interests of different parties.

8. This is a mid-magic setting, and in gaming sense, weapons with +1, +2 on up, are really intended to represent superior crafted weapons than enchanted weapons. The game is set to allow players to have fun in using items, yet not having too uber items in the game to seriously outbalance everything. This is slightly different from the original Krynn setting where items are usually mundane and non magical.

9. Players who encounter bugs, exploits, errors, spelling errors, inaccessible doors with the correct keys, etc, where the game mechanics are in a mess are to report it in the forum. It will be corrected as soon as possible.

10. The lands further away from Solace are pretty dangerous. It is best to party up together for some safety.

11. Only -One- guild leadership position per player.

12. Not a strict rule, but it is prefered that players limit themselves to 2 or 3 PC's. This will allow us to get to know you and learn about your PC's.
This will let us include you or design specific quests using you.

13. RDD has been locked .

14. In order to take levels as a Pale Master you must have an IC justification that is being consistently RPed. Staff members have undead tokens that will be handed out to players who have met these requirements.
If you do not have a token and have PM levels, expect to be questioned about your rationale. If you are not RPing said rationale, character alterations may be necessary.

15. Role Play is Rewarded with DM tokens. The DM tokens can be turned in for Player needs and/or wants, simple find a DM and ask about them. Please do not pester the DM's though with requests ect about them, Simply ask and then wait for a Reply. The best way to ask is Via the KTOD Forum.

16. Artifacts: There will only be one set allowed on any one player.

17. Pick Pocketing: Rogues must set their victim to "Hostile" and may only PP any one individual 2 times per any server reset and/or setting. Anything more than that and the Rogue will be forced to give ALL said items back and will be awarded a warning in regards to this rule. Being caught more than once will result in a Limbo token.
(Screen Shots will also be needed)

If the rogue gains a Guild item from the other they must get rid of it as soon as they can at one of the Statues of Division. Under NO circumstance is any guild gear to be sold to a local shop or given to any other player. The rogue's gain from PP'ing such an item will be the gold award by the statue.

The person who has lost the item Will have to suffer buying the item again. Shame on you for not being more careful with your things. (Kenders are exempt from this rule as long as the Kender is being played properly.)

18. Update: Skill Points
As of today We would like everyone to please start taking ALL their skill points On Level Up.

19. Update: Item Restrictions
Items and equipment marked as "Use only by" are just that "To BE used only by" the type of person listed, be it gender-restricted, mage-restricted, etc. It is common sense. If you're caught using an item with such a restriction on it and you don't meet the requirement, the item will be confiscated at your loss.

20. Update: Levels
Players are required to take a minimum of five levels in ANY class that they take. These levels don't have to be taken together as long as you have 5 levels in any class you take by the time you are lvl 40.

21. Update: Devistating Critical:
has been restricted unto the Barbarian and Weapon Master classes.


The DMs word is final. It is not up for debate, or open for discussion. Comply, or take a screen shot and log. Do not argue, abuse, or bad mouth the DMs or you will be put in limbo and booted.

First Offense = Warning from DM. Comply with the DM immediately. This does not extend to seperate violations. You get warned about one thing, read the rule book. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.
Second Offense = Character goes to Limbo until next server Reboot.
Third Offense = Character goes to Limbo until next server Reboot, and is stripped of all gear and reduced 10 Levels.
Fourth Offense = Character goes to Limbo permanently.

If you give a DM greif for punishing you when you have been given a chance to comply, You will be banned. If you have been done unfairly by a dm, and wish to dispute it, the only acceptable evidence is a screen shot. Period. No screen shot = No Case. The burden of Proof is upon you.

The most Important thing here is to remember to have Fun!
Treat others the way you expect to be treated Give Good Role Play and You'll get Good role play.

Thanks the KTOD Build Team.

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Game Rules
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